Karl Lagerfeld doesn't want his name to be ''expensive''

The 80-year-old designer isn't driven by his ego and had no qualms about working with high street store H&M.

During a staged interview with Jessica Chastain, Karl spoke about the perks of designing three collections, Chanel, Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld.

He said: ''I'm very happy that I have a French version and an Italian version, and then I have my own company.

''I wanted my name, which is apparently quite popular, to be something less expensive, that's why I did H&M, because today fashion has to be well designed - expensive or not expensive.

''I'm not obsessed by my own name - I couldn't care less. What I like is a job. The ego trip comes later, and who cares? I can't cross the street, but, please, it's not really important.''

Karl also advised that young designers should stick to their budget and make the most out of the money they have without trying to emulate the huge worldwide brands.

He added: ''People in this business, they want to be like Chanel and Fendi, but if you don't have the money of Chanel and LVMH [Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton], you cannot be like this, so forget about it.''