Karl Lagerfeld says it doesn't cost a lot of money to look good.

The CHANEL designer insists high street brands have really improved their designs over the years so people no longer have an excuse to dress in poor quality clothes.

He said: "H&M have got it spot-on. I loved Kate Moss' collection for Topshop, it was great. Sure, high fashion can expensive because of the materials and the level of craftsmanship, but design should be good on every price level - and that's what the high street does so well. Today, you don't have to have loads of money to be well dressed."

Karl also revealed how he chooses his muses based on looks and personality because he wants their intelligence to shine through.

Karl - who has worked with the likes of Blake Lively, Lily Allen and Alexa Chung - told LOOK magazine: "None of them are straightforward models, they are real women of today, with great personalities. I hate it when they are referred to as 'It' girls because it makes them sound stupid, which they are not."