Karl Lagerfeld's cat has lifted the lid on their relationship in her first official interview.

The designer's feline friend Choupette has spoken of her love for the Chanel boss and their lifetime commitment to each other following the 80-year-old star's admission that he would marry the feline if the law permitted it.

The furry pet has quickly become an internet sensation due to her gorgeous looks and lavish lifestyle which is regularly documented on her very own Twitter account - authored by her owner.

Speaking of their relationship in a candid interview with France's Gala magazine, Choupette purred: ''The two of us are in it for life. Bourgeois formalities are for other people ... Karl loves me. Jealousy and possessiveness don't exist in our relationship.''

Just like a regular couple, Choupette admits that they both have their fair share of pet hates, explaining: ''Because I sleep more than him, I snooze next to him while he's working. His days are never long. I think he reads too much for my tastes ... We've invented our own language just for us ... I never meow when I'm with Karl, he hates that.''

The pampered Siamese has a team of humans to run her fabulous lifestyle including her helpers, Francoise and Marjornie who she insists are her ''best friends'', and when she's not busy jetting around the world she can be found playing with her iPad.

The interview coincides with the launch of Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection of handbags inspired by the pampered pussycat, which will be available to buy on November 13.

The range - which is created in the designer's signature monochrome palette - includes a knit cap with cat ears and leather whiskers and a leather cat-shaped tote bag.