Karl Lagerfeld will collaborate with Marchon Eyewear until 2023.

The 84-year-old designer first teamed up with the eyewear brand in 2007, just one year before they released their debut collection, but the mogul collaborated with the company again four years later, which saw them sign a five-year contract in 2013 that will come to an end next year.

And according to WWD, the creative mastermind has already renewed his licensing agreement with the company for a further five years.

After working with Marchon Eyewear for the last decade, Karl - who is the head creative director of his eponymous label, as well as Chanel and Fendi - has hailed the company as a trustworthy partner.

Speaking about the partnership Pier Polo Righi - who is the chief executive officer of Karl Lagerfeld - said: '' Over the past 10 years, Marchon has proved to be a trusted partner that shares our passion for premium quality product and cutting-edge design innovation.''

And Karl are excited to ''further expand'' their work with the label.

Pier added: ''As we continue to grow our overall business, we look forward to further expanding our iconic eyewear across the globe.''

And Marchon Eyewear are also ''looking forward'' to continuing their work with the mogul and his ''innovative, fashion-conscious brand''.

Nicola Zotta - who is the CEO and President of Marchon Eyewear - said: ''We look forward to continuing to collaborate with this innovative, fashion-conscious brand to captivate our consumers and successfully grow the Karl Lagerfeld eyewear business globally.''

But Nicola is not the only figure in the fashion business to praise Karl, as Lily Rose Depp has admitted the businessman is not as ''scary'' as people assume and he makes work more ''enjoyable'' and really ''comfortable''.

Speaking previously, the 18-year-old model said: ''A lot of people will think that working with Karl is intimidating as he is such an icon and presence, and in a way I guess it is.

''But I think once you get on set and you're actually there, working with him you realise, he's really not as scary and intimidating as everyone thinks he is. He's honestly just the nicest guy. And he's so smart and creative.

''Working with him is a collaboration more than anything else. He wants to work with you, he wants to see what you bring to the table and you want to see what he brings to the table, so it's more of a partnership in that way which is what makes it's so enjoyable. He is the best person I've ever shot with.

''He makes you feel really comfortable.''