Karl Lagerfeld likes Kate Middleton's nose.

The CHANEL designer says he is looking forward to watching the brunette beauty marry Prince William on April 29 and thinks she will make a beautiful bride because of her stunning figure and good looks.

He said: "She is a lovely person with a beautiful body. I like her nose.

"I will be commenting on French TV. Royalty is good for the crowd."

However, the Chanel maestro isn't too enthused with the idea of marriage in general, believing that people live for too long to be able to spend their entire lives with just one other person.

He told The Sunday Times Style magazine: "Marriage was invented when people died at 30. Now they marry at 30 and they have to do it for 60 years.

"Perhaps it should be based on more than sex. The idea that you will never look at anyone else, that is a problem."

Yet Karl's aversion to lifelong commitment hasn't deterred him from agreeing to create Lily Allen's wedding dress when she ties the knot with Sam Cooper on June 11.

The British singer was recently spotted visiting the Chanel studios and when asked what she was doing there, replied: "I'm here to see Karl for my wedding dress."