Karl Lagerfeld "cannot stand" designers who don't draw.

The CHANEL legend says he spends a lot of his free time sketching down ideas for his new collections and hates it when people who claim to be designers put their name to something they haven't etched.

He told Britain's InStyle magazine: "I sketch when I'm alone. I can sketch for hours. That's when I dream and those dreams become collections. I cannot stand designers who cannot sketch, who send out sketches done by others that they sign their name to. It's so dishonest. Just because you can drape on a model or mannequin doesn't mean you are a designer. You must sketch."

Many celebrities - including Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss - have released their own fashion lines but admit they don't draw their designs.

Victoria - who has won critical acclaim for dress collections - has previously said of her designing skills: "I don't draw, but nor do lots of designers. I tie things around me, I experiment with ideas and I try to work out a way to make everything flattering and make a woman feel beautiful."

Kate - who has a range for British high street store Topshop - has also been honest about her talents, saying: "I've never been to school or been trained. I can't draw a dress, really. But I know what I like."