Karl Lagerfeld has delivered a scathing attack on Newsweek editor Tina Brown, after her publication ran an article calling the designer "overrated". Lagerfeld found controversy earlier this year when he labelled British singer Adele "a little too fat", but he went even further with his latest putdown.
In January, Newsweek style writer Robin Givhan published a detailed essay about the influence of Karl Largerfeld on the fashion world. The piece began, "Karl Lagerfeld is overrated.Such a statement rings like heresy within a fashion universe where the highly acclaimed designer struts upon his lofty stage as the creative director of Chanel-but it's true". While guest editing the Metro last month, Lagerfeld not only offended Adele, but also hit back at the Pulitzer Prize winner Ms Givhan saying, "I've never heard of this journalist before, except for what she had written about Mrs. Obama, which made me already not like her - the journalist, not Mrs. Obama". Ms Givhan was invited to Lagerfeld's Chanel runway show earlier this month, but was banished from her usual front row perch, telling the Toronto Star, "A pair of binoculars might have helped".
However, at a press conference in Tokyo this week, Lagerfeld was asked what he thought of the Newsweek piece and directed all his vitriol toward editor Tina Brown, saying, "First of all, Tina Brown's magazine is not doing well at all.She is dying.I'm sorry for Tina Brown, who was such a success at Vanity Fair, to go down with a shitty little paper like this. I'm sorry". Brown is yet to respond to the comments.