Karl Lagerfeld thinks Japanese people have developed ''junk food beauty''.

The legendary fashion designer is making his first visit to Japan in eight years and thinks local residents have ''changed for the better'', largely thanks to a differing diet which incorporates more fatty foods and calorific treats.

He told WWD: ''It's changed a lot but it's changed for the better I think. I noticed that people became bigger than before because now they Eat More Cake and sweets and things like this that they didn't do in the past. There's a real change in the look of the Japanese people. Normally, before, they were all tiny. It's the kind of beauty you get from junk food.''

Karl was speaking at a party for the opening of his photography book and CHANEL's 'Little Black Jacket', where he was joined by Carine Roitfeld, who spoke of her appreciation for the fun of Japanese fashion.

She said: ''They love fashion in a non-blasé way...they love it but they don't take it too seriously.''