Karl Lagerfeld doesn't surf the internet - because he'd rather spend his spare time with his pet cat.

The 85-year-old fashion mogul has a very close bond with his Birman breed Choupette and he prioritises playing with his pussy over checking the web or social media sites.

Revealing he doesn't scroll sites on his smartphone in an interview with The Cut, he said: ''No, no. I think it's great, but I have assistants who inform me [about] what I have not seen. Personally, I have no time. I don't do internet, I don't do Facebook. I have to sketch, I have to play with Choupette, I have to sleep. The day is too short for that.''

Lagerfeld has an incredibly close bond with his feline friend - who originally belonged to a friend of his - but his love for his cat came as a surprise to him because he initially thought owning a pet would be ''too much fuss''.

He explained: ''My best friend, Sandy Brant had a cat, and I thought it was too much, the fuss about the cat. Then a friend of mine came with Choupette and said, to one of my mates, not even to me, 'I'm leaving for two weeks, can you keep the cat?' When he came back, I told him that the cat was not returning to his house, and I kept it, this kind of genius creature.''

Lagerfeld insists nothing is too much trouble for his beloved Choupette and the cat regularly travels with him by private jet.

The clothing genius - who is the head creative director of the fashion houses Chanel and Fendi and his own eponymous fashion label - said: ''She loves private jets. She is always on the knees of the pilots.

''She adores them. You know, the problem with private jets is that even if you have a big one, if you have many people [aboard], then it is a nightmare. More than three or four, forget about it. I remember I came back from Moscow and brought all my assistants. It was the worst flight, because they asked for drinks and this and that. I like to sleep in planes. Or I close my eyes and clean my brain.''