Karl Lagerfeld loves using feathers in his designs.

The CHANEL designer is a huge fan of the plumage of birds including ostriches, peacocks and cockerals and most recently used them to add lightness to his collection of cocktail dresses, where he had feathers painstakingly embroidered into the fragile fabric of the clothes.

He told Britain's Grazia magazine: "They are more flattering than fur, I think. And I love the way they soften a line."

Although Karl usually communicates by fax machine, he admitted he has had to turn to more modern ideas to run his business because no one else has a fax anymore.

On swapping his old method for an iPhone, he explained "That is obsolete now, people don't have them anymore. So I need to learn this thing.

"I relented when Colette issued an iPhone case with a silhouette of me on it. How could I not have that."