Karen Gillan says Dwayne Johnson could ''run the world one day''.

The 30-year-old actress - who stars alongside the wrestler-turned-actor in 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' as Ruby Roundhouse - thinks the 45-year-old hunk should reconsider running for President of the Untied States.

She said: ''He's such a good leader in a situation, I just feel like he needs to run the world one day. I think he should. I would vote for him.''

The flame-haired beauty said the former WWE champion would win hands down in a fight between him and their co-star Kevin Hart, whose respective characters, Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Moose Finbar, have a rumble in the jungle in the sequel to the 1995 classic.

She told Metro.co.uk: ''In a fight? That's a tough one. I'm gonna say The Rock. He's a wrestler!''

The former 'Doctor Who' star heaped praised on Dwayne and said there is not a bad bone in his body.

She said: ''I wish I had some insider story to give you, but he's just genuinely one of the most generous, kind, professional human beings that I've ever encountered. He's just great.''

The 'San Andreas' star previously expressed a desire to turn his hands to politics, but whilst he was ''very flattered'' by the response, he won't be acting on it any time soon.

He quipped: ''It's been very flattering. There's been this really interesting uptick in public opinion, [people] wanting that to happen. The problem is that [Kevin Hart] will completely sabotage the campaign in 2020, 2024. He'll literally sabotage it from the inside.''

Kevin jokingly added: ''100 per cent. I will take you down. I don't want it to happen because it will make you that much better than me, and I just don't want it. I would sabotage it in a heartbeat.''

Back in May, Dwayne admitted running for president is a ''real possibility'' and said he had been considering moving into politics ''more and more''.