After bowing out from Doctor Who, actress Karen Gillan has revealed that her character Amy Pond will not return to the show. Gillan will be replaced by former Emmerdale actress Jenna-louise Coleman, 26, as the Time Lord's new assistant.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Gillan explained that she is eager to begin work on new projects and will resist the urge to return to the legendary sci-fi show, saying, "I want the impact of the end of the Pond era to remain strong. I don't want to spoil it by coming back a few episodes later to say hello". There had been some speculation that Gillan would return for next year's one-off 50th anniversary special, though the actress ruled out the prospect. The Time Lord himself Matt Smith has already been talking up Gillan's replacement Coleman, saying, "The show is so much about dealing with Steven (Moffat's) writing, having an instinct for the tone and pace.And Jenna nailed that tone of fear and adventure. We did the auditions down in the bowels of the BBC and it was meant to be top secret, which is ridiculous because we'd been going for four hours when we heard a cough behind a partition".

Gillan is currently shooting the forthcoming comedy movie 'Not Another Happy Ending' and has signed on for the 2014 horror 'Oculus'.