Karan, who is one of India's most famous movie directors, released a video on Wednesday (19Oct16) announcing he will no longer work with stars from Pakistan.

Military tensions between India and Pakistan's governments have escalated in the past month due to new disagreements in their long running dispute over the border territory of Kashmir.

Amid the heightened atmosphere Karan received threats as his latest film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Oh, Heart! It's Difficult) features Fawad Khan, a Pakistani actor.

"Nothing else matters to me but my country," Karan said in a YouTube video message. "Going forward, I would like to say that of course I will not engage with talent from the neighbouring country (Pakistan)."

Earlier this month Amey Khopkar, a leader of Indian nationalist political party Navnirman Maharashtra Sena, issued a violent threat to Indian arts figures who worked with Pakistanis.

"The country comes first, then the arts. If you think this is intimidation then yes, you're right, it is," he said in an interview with Indian TV channel Times Now. "If anyone works with Pakistani artists then we will beat them up."

In his own video, Karan pointed out that his new film had been shot in 2015 when Pakistani-Indian relations were less fraught.

"Over 300 Indian people in my crew have put their blood, sweat and tears into (the film) ... and I don't think it's fair to them to face any kind of turbulence on account of other fellow Indians," he added.

A number of leading Bollywood figures have spoken out angrily against calls to ban Pakistani artists from India, which have caused concerts by pop stars from the Muslim nation to be cancelled.

Denouncing the threats against Karan, Indian TV host Barkha Dutt wrote on Twitter, "Ashamed that we as a society have bullied @karanjohar into having to prove his patriotism. Anti national has become the label of the Mob."