Rapper Kanye West was stunned by the impact of his anti-George W Bush rant during a live Hurricane Katrina telethon in September (05).

West claimed the US President "doesn't care about black people", angered by what he perceived to be Bush's slow response to the natural disaster that struck America's Gulf coast in August (05).

The improvised outburst caused shockwaves and divided the nation. But West is unrepentant.

He says, "What surprised me most was the impact of my voice on NBC. It's just magical that I can say something that's a popular opinion and it really has an impact.

"I didn't think about Bush until the telethon. I saw him (on TV) - I'm like, 'Wait a second, dude, that guy over there, he doesn't care.' But America was already headed that way. I think it was a common opinion."