Rapper Kanye West has branded himself the Mel Gibson of the music world - and believes the pair miss out on awards because they are outspoken. The hip-hop star is adamant his albums are "the best", but fails to pick up any gongs because critics want him to stop publicly expressing his views. Speaking to MTV, he says, "My favourite movie this year was Apocalypto and I love Mel Gibson. "Sometimes I feel a little like Mel Gibson. (People say to him) 'OK, Mel Gibson, we know (your movie is) the best, but if you shut up, maybe we can give you an award.' That's how I think that's how people feel about me sometimes: 'OK, (your album) was the best'. Apocalypto was the best movie. It's probably some complete bulls**t that got nominated over it. "Around the time of the awards, if you want to ask me what's the bulls**t that got nominated, I will tell you. It's my opinion, it doesn't mean it's good or bad. I'm a movie buff." West stormed the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards last November (06) when he was beaten to the Best Video gong by French duo Justice Vs Simian, complaining, "My video cost $1 million. Pamela Anderson was in it." In November 2004, West also blasted the music of country singer Gretchen Wilson, after she triumphed in the Best Newcomer category at the American Music Awards.