Kanye West's new single TOUCH THE SKY highlights a mini-nervous breakdown the rapper suffered when he was a struggling musician.

The JESUS WALKS hitmaker raps about how he felt when the beats he was producing for hip-hop's elite were simply not selling.

He explains, "I had one nervous breakdown I talk about on Touch The Sky, when I busted out crying.

"My girlfriend and I were in a room together, listening to the first LIL' KIM CD, HARD CORE. I would listen to Lil' Kim, then listen to my beat - another Lil' Kim song, then my beat.

"It sounded like the same calibre to me, but I couldn't sell a f**king beat. And I just stood next to that stereo and busted out crying and shaking. I didn't have control of my emotions. It didn't make any sense.

"I was living in New York, 600 miles away from home, and had $300 in my bank account. You should never have less in your account than how far you are from your crib."

Meanwhile, in the video accompanying the new single, West plays a 1970s stuntman, called EVEL KANYEVEL (corr), who attempts to jump the Grand Canyon in a single-seater rocket. Pamela Anderson plays his worried girlfriend, who begs him not to risk death.

Nia Long and Diana Ross' daughter Tracee Ellis Ross also appear in the video as foul-mouthed black women who disapprove of West's character dating a white woman.