Rapper Kanye West is releasing three versions of his controversial new video JESUS WALKS because he's determined to spread his religious message.

The COLLEGE DROPOUT star preaches from an altar as angels guide three people to church in the first video.

The second is far more controversial, and features footage of drug dealers being pursued through the desert by police, inmates on a chain-gang tangling with guards, and a Ku Klux Klansman setting himself on fire while carrying a burning cross. The third video shows West wandering through the streets of his native Chicago, Illinois, followed by Jesus Christ.

He explains, "This is a song that is very important to me. All of them (videos) are groundbreaking. That song evokes so much emotion, and four minutes of imagery limits the ideas that you're supposed to give for the songs, so I had to do three."

West originally wanted to shoot five videos but ran out of time.

24/06/2004 09:16