Kanye West reportedly wants to get a ''good look'' at the four suspects who were charged over his wife Kim Kardashian West's Paris robbery.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star was left terrified when she was robbed at gunpoint in October, and after a string of indictments were made on Thursday (12.01.17), her 39-year-old rapper husband is reportedly eager to give the alleged criminals ''a piece of his mind''.

A source told HollywoodLife.com: ''Kim may be terrified to face the people who robbed her, but Kanye sure is hell isn't. He wants to go to Paris and get a good look at those punks who terrified his wife and give them a piece of his mind. He's got a lot to say to them.

''He doesn't know much about Paris law, but he'd love to be there when the judge bangs the gavel and sentence those suckers to years in jail.''

As was previously reported, a 63-year-old man identified as Yunice A. and a man known as Florus H., 44, have both been indicted under the same charges of conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping, and forceable confinement.

Meanwhile, a 64-year-old man has also been charged with conspiracy and helping arrange the resale of stolen jewellery, but his lawyer denied any involvement in the case to French TV station BFM.

A fourth suspect, 27-year-old Gary M. - the younger brother of Kim's chauffeur Michael Madar, who was released without charge earlier this week - was charged with assisting an armed robbery and kidnapping after appearing before a judge.

The news comes after it was reported the 36-year-old reality star may be forced to relive her ordeal as she watches a video of the suspects in order to help with the case.

A source said: ''Kim will now have to watch a video of all the men. The video is being sent to the United States, where she will have to watch it with American officers working with the French.''