Never one to miss an opportunity for self-promotion, Kanye West debuted some new tracks in a New York club on Friday night (August 3, 2012). The tracks, according to MTV News, were from the forthcoming G.O.O.D. album, Cruel Summer, which is scheduled for release in September. One eye witness told the New York Post that one of the tracks is tentatively entitled 'My Perfect B*tch.' We're probably not the only ones wondering whether or not this title is still 'tentative' because it hasn't been given the green light by Kanye's girlfriend Kim Kardashian yet.
If she can look past the title, though, it seems that Kardashian will be pleased with the content of the song, as it features West "waxing poetic" about his search for the perfect woman. Kanye's no stranger to wearing his heart on his sleeve and recently serenaded her at a gig in Atlantic City whilst he performed 'Way Too Cold' and on Friday, he seemed keen to get everyone to listen to his latest dedication to Kim. Kanye was partying at the Dream Downtown's Ph-D Rooftop Lounge, along with Todd Phillips and Leonardo Dicaprio when he just happened to remember that he just happened to have his laptop with him.
Laptop in hand, Kanye then made his way to the DJ booth, where he plugged in and treated the club's revellers to his latest creations. He'd already revealed the album's artwork via the more traditional method of posting it on Twitter last week but let's face it, 'traditional' and Kanye aren't exactly natural bedfellows.