Kanye West has been talking grand plans and huge ideas for some time on Twitter now; we wonder if his debut short film was among them, for it's been announced that his debut behind the camera 'Cruel Summer' will screen at the Cannes Film Festival. Honestly, most movie makers go through years of struggle and strife in the vain hope that just one of their pictures might be taken across to the south of France and Kayne just swaggers in on his debut? Seems unfair to us. That's Yeezy though.
MTV News reports that the film is being described as "a fusion of short film and art installation ... an immersive '7 screen experience' for the eyes and ears unlike anything West has attempted before." Crikes. Among those listed as starring in the film are comedian Aziz Ansari, Kid Cudi, Lebanese actress Razane Jammal and Palestinian actor Ali Suliman. Ye is credited the producer, writer and director of the film, based on a screenplay by Elon Rutberg, who was the associate director of the Throne's 'N----s in Paris" video.
Sounds pretty impressive, though for our money the best film made by a rap or R&B star remains the incomparable 'Trapped In The Closet' by R Kelly. What a man.