Kanye West has brushed off criticism of his latest runway collection and insisted major players in the fashion industry support his vision.

The Stronger rapper received a slew of scathing reviews after he unveiled his latest clothing collection, a collaboration with sportswear brand Adidas, at New York Fashion Week on Thursday (12Feb15).

A style critic for the Wall Street Journal compared West's designs to outfits seen in animated kids show The Flintstones, while a blogger for Epidemiclive.com dismissed the collection as "clothing a homeless person would wear after the apocalypse".

However, West is undeterred and insists he received positive feedback from fashion moguls including designer Alexander Wang and Givenchy's menswear guru Riccardo Tisci.

He tells Complex magazine, "They support me one hundred per cent. They sent flowers, emails, and just love. They know I'm in that design office. They know I'm there giving an opinion. They know the concept of celebrity designer is so far out the window... You don't think celebrity designer, straight designer, black designer, all these types of things that kind of held me back conceptually in being accepted as a designer. You just think of those words. But when those moon boots come out, you put them on your feet and just swag out and go somewhere with your friends, those words don't matter."

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