Grammy-winning hip-hop star Kanye West has been named Style Icon of the Year by Stuff magazine.

While the publication has given Mos Def, Travis Barker, Andy Roddick, SEAN 'DIDDY' COMBS, Ralph Lauren and even British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen honourable mentions, JESUS WALKS rapper West has scooped the top title.

And the self-confident star is eager to share a few style pointers of his own with the publication, saying, "You know nothing about fashion if you wear big and oversize. My crew lives, eats, drinks and s**ts fashion. We do this! I have a huge room at my house for all my gear called the Store...

"Appearance is everything. You have to respect the clothes. When you walk into a room and you are well-dressed, those who respect fashion have to honour you in a while new way.

"Someone with no taste - automatically I am taking points off of their opinion about other things, about music. I'm like, 'You cannot figure out what shoes to put with your shirt! How am I going to listen to you about anything else?'"

But West, who hails Pharrell Williams as "the style god", admits he has made fashion mistakes in the past - particularly when he wore trousers inspired by 1990s rapper Mc Hammer.