Kanye West is like the "Michael Jordan" of rap.

The 'Love Lockdown' star insists he is the greatest artist in his chosen genre, comparing himself to pop icon Michael Jackson and the basketball legend.

He said: "I kill that rap s**t, that's what I do. Lyrics right now, they're awes-mazing. They're basically untouchable. I'm about to take it to a whole 'nother level. I'd be scared if I was not me.

"As far as rapping goes, how can I say this? Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson - it's what I do. It's time for me to bust another rap album."

The rapper also laughed off rumours he was romantically involved with Madonna, following the release of a raunchy picture of the two stars with Kanye's girlfriend Amber Rose.

He added to MTV: "Madonna's a cool girl. We were just partying, drinking, having a good time. It's interesting people would make such a big deal out of photographs. I'm happy they make a big deal out of it. It's better for me."