Kanye West admits he is a ''very commercial celebrity boyfriend.''

The 'New Slaves' hitmaker, who drew criticism for comparing himself to Steve Jobs earlier this week, claims he is constantly fighting against the public's perception of him because he is dating reality TV star Kim Kardashian, and compared himself to the late Apple co-founder again and artist Andy Warhol in a new rant.

Speaking at a secret listening party for his new album, 'Yeezus,' during the annual Art Basel fair in Switzerland on Wednesday night (12.06.13), the 36-year-old rapper said: ''I fight in my position of being a very commercial celebrity boyfriend. I fight to push culture forward every chance I get.''

According to TheDailyBeast.com, Kanye, who will welcome his first child with Kim early next month, wants to focus on changing the world through his music, which he compared to other forms of art, such as furniture and fashion design.

He explained: ''I only frown because paparazzi ask me dumb**s s**t all the time, and I think about changing the world. I think about what I can do to make things better.

''When I used to go to fashion shows with my boys ... it was almost like a civil rights sit-in. They wouldn't even let us in. They had no idea what rap would mean ... to the art world.

''What I want people to understand about sampling and producing is that it's really similar to -- and I know this is obvious what I'm going to say, because I'm a black guy so I'm gonna name the 'most obvious artist in the world,' Warhol -- but it's very similar to the ... Warhol would appropriate a Campbell's Soup can is the way I would sonically appropriate a Ray Charles sample or a Michael Jackson sample.''