Kanye West has hit out at Ariana Grande after she urged him to ''behave'' following his feud with fellow rapper Drake.

The 41-year-old music mogul went on a social media rant against the 'Hotline Bling' hitmaker earlier this week, which prompted Drake to simply post a series of laughing emojis on his Instagram story, and Ariana got herself involved to joke that people should be listening to the new music dropped by herself and Miley Cyrus, rather than paying attention to the rappers' feud.

Ariana's tweet read: ''guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y'all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that'd be so sick thank u (sic)''

Now, Kanye has hit back at the 'Thank U, Next' hitmaker, claiming that the online drama was ''weighing'' on his ''mental health'', and urging the 25-year-old pop star to stop ''using this moment to promote a song''.

Posting a picture of Ariana's tweet, he wrote: ''I know Ariana said this to be cool and didn't mean no harm but I don't like even slightest level of slight commentary from someone I know loves and respects me

''All of this foolishness weighed on my mental health so @ArianaGrande you know I got love for you but until you're ready to really make sure everyone's ok don't use me or this moment to promote a song (sic)''

Earlier this week, Kanye launched a rant on Drake when he took to Twitter to share a text message he had received which said Drake had filed a ''clearance request'' for 'Say What's Real', a song from his 2009 mixtape 'So Far Gone', which was produced by Kanye.

The 'Heartless' rapper then went on to accuse Drake of avoiding him, but also taking sly shots at him at the same time.

He wrote alongside the screenshot: ''This proves s**t faker than wrestling

''Still need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out your idols kids mouths (sic)''