Kanye West finished his song 'Ghost Town' that day it was released.

The 40-year-old rapper dropped his seven-track album 'Ye' last week but 070 Shake - who contributed to the lyrics on the song - has revealed that he was still busy putting the finishing touches on the track just hours before the listening session in Wyoming.

The 21-year-old singer told Billboard.com: ''I did the recording in Wyoming. We finished that song the same day it came out. I had done a reference for it, and then I guess he forgot about it. We put that reference on another song, then Kanye did his own reference for that 'free' concept. At the end we were talking and asking, 'Is this the one right here?' And I kind of mentioned 'Ghost Town' and said maybe we could use something from that. He listened to the reference again, and said, 'Oh yeah, this is the one.' So 'Ghost Town' almost didn't make it.''

But it wasn't just 'Ghost Town' that almost didn't make it, as the 'Bound 2' hitmaker has admitted he scrapped the whole album after he realised his outspoken lyrics may offend people because of the uproar he caused when he declared in an interview with TMZ last month that slavery was a ''choice'' for black people.

He said: ''I completely re-did the album after TMZ. We just sat there and really honed in on the words because now it's all headlines, it's like every bar can be used, there's even bars we had about that... I took a bar off the album. It was just too sensitive. It was about that topic. And I just let go. 'I'm gonna just chill right now, let's just keep making some music.' You know, I feel like, as a son, and as a family member of the world ... that's the reason why the world won't let me go because I'm just a family member. They might disagree with me, but I'm family. I've been here for 15 years, 18 years, and you know, I feel like the best thing I could do is sit there, and go in that studio, and keep chopping that thing that only I know how to do and only me and my crew know how to do.''