Kanye West's new record 'Yeezus' has divided critics.

The hip-hop star's sixth studio album and its crude lyrics and provocative rants - whittled down into a short 40 minutes over the course of 10 songs - have left many undecided since it was leaked last week, just one day before his girlfriend Kim Kardashian gave birth (15.06.13).

Critics have been left perplexed by Kanye's openly misogynistic lyrics and crude turns of phrase, but critics have admitted his shock tactics sometimes works.

Vulture explains: ''The knucklehead and the genius go hand-in-hand. For every provocation that falls flat on 'Yeezus', there are five moments that startle and make you think. ''

The Guardian points out that Kanye's verbal condemnation of the evil influence of aspirational fashion from a man renound for his lavish designer wardrobe is just one of the many reasons that make it ''as dementedly contrary an album as you're going to hear from a major artist this year.''

However, the newspaper conceeds: ''The other response, however, is that West knows exactly what he's doing and that, from its title down, 'Yeezus' is intended as a deliberately contrary, ambiguous act of provocation in a musical world where provocation is in pretty short supply.''

The Atlantic.com take yet another view of the controversial rapper's latest offering, claiming his tormented lyrics are all the more interesting because of his newfound family life.

They write: ''But still, it's heartening to be reminded that West's excesses often have a purpose. It's interesting to see him become increasingly conflicted about sexual conquest. And it's nothing less than startling to realize that his most dark, twisted album yet may all be in service of a fairytale ending.''