Kanye West has considered suicide.

The 'Stronger' hitmaker - who was left devastated in 2007 when his beloved mother Dr. Donda West passed away - admitted he has suffered dark periods in his life but vowed never to sink so low again as there are so many people he wants to help.

He said: "There were times that I contemplated suicide.

"I will not give up on life again. There's so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard. I do it for them."

The 33-year-old star revealed he is no longer scared to live as he hit his lowest ebb following the loss of three other parental figures after his mother's death and has emerged stronger than ever.

He said: "Everything has been taken away from me. I'm so not ... scared. I so don't care."

The controversial rapper took an extended break from music after last year's MTV Video Music Awards - when he stormed on stage during Taylor Swift's Best Female Video acceptance speech and ranted about how Beyonce Knowles should have won - and admitted it gave him a chance to grieve for his mother.

He told US TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres: "I left America. I stopped doing music all together. It was the first time that I got to stop since my mom had passed. I had never stopped and never tried to even soak in what all had happened.

"It was time to take a break and develop more as a person as a creator and focus more on my thoughts and my ideas and what I wanted to bring to the world."

He has hinted at the subject of suicide in his recent song "Power," which includes the lines: "Now this would be a beautiful death - I'm jumping out the window, I'm letting everything go."