Rapper Kanye West may be expecting to get an earful from his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, as he was spotted eying up the on-court talent at a recent basketball game in New York. It wasn't his admiration of the male players that will be getting Miss Kardashian in a sulk, rather his watchful eye being firmly placed on the female cheerleader team, the Daily Mail reports.

West sat courtside alongside comic Ben Stiller, who did his best to avoid eye contact, as they watched the New York Knicks take on Miami Heat. Enjoying a night away from his new girlfriend, West did try his best to avoid gawking at the women, but couldn't hold out for much longer, eventually being seen with his mouth wide open and smiling as he watched the dancers. He is of course not the only star to be caught checking out the half-time entertainment with full intent, as footballer David Beckham and singer Justin Beiber are but two of the many stars caught off guard when the girls parade their assets.

Things may not be as bad for Kanye as they first appear though, as he was seen chatting with Kim's best friend LALA VAZQUEZ. Hopefully for him, getting into her friend's good books will be enough to get him off the hook.