The Day 'N' Nite hitmaker checked into a rehabilitation facility earlier this month (Oct16) after admitting he was suffering with severe depression and suicidal tendencies, and he was on Kanye's mind as he performed in Inglewood.

Launching into Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, he encouraged audience members to sing along as loud as they could in tribute to Cudi, who appears on the track.

"So Cudi, he is (in) rehab right now, but he got a number one song on the radio and I want you to sing so he can hear it," Kanye told the crowd.

The sweet gesture came weeks after Kanye and Cudi had a falling out, with the Cleveland, Ohio native poking fun at "fake" rappers who make "corny s**t" and "wont be lasting too much longer", a Twitter statement he later clarified was in reference to Kanye and Drake.

Kanye initially lashed out at Cudi for disrespecting him, demanding he "don't ever mention" his name again, only to have a change of heart days later, as he told fans in Houston, Texas, "He's the most important artist of the past 10 years, most influential. And I hope he's doing well. Kid Cudi is my brother."

Kanye's Saint Pablo Tour stop in Los Angeles the following night (26Oct16) also featured a tribute - this time to the rapper's wife, Kim Kardashian, who was in attendance with members of her family.

After sharing a special video he had made for her 36th birthday last Friday (21Oct16), he declared: "I'm so lucky to have my wife here right now."

It was Kim's second consecutive night out at one of her husband's shows after spending the past few weeks hiding out in the couple's mansion following an armed robbery ordeal in Paris, France, on 3 October (16).