Hip-hop star Kanye West will concentrate on his record label next year (06) following the success of his second album Late Registration.

The GOLD DIGGER rapper is hoping his huge sales and critical claim will rub off on the artists he has signed to G.O.O.D. records - and he plans to produce their upcoming material.

He tells MTV, "I'm just completely going into the lab and I'm trying to make history again. Let me restate that we will make history again.

"We've got Consequence, which is real hip-hop, he was on (my track) GONE, he's the essence of it. His voice is incredible, he's got one of those voices where I feel like I would be further along in my career if I had that.

"GLC, who rapped on DRIVE SLOW - he's out of Chicago, he's on SPACESHIPS also, and actually me and THREE 6 MAFIA are going to produce his whole album, so it's about to be crazy. I got REALLY DOE who's on WE MAJOR, he's going to be a problem.

"Their music is really edgy, it's what I want to do with G.O.O.D. Music, how I like to push the envelope, style, fashion, the visuals, the videos, the instrumentation. It's really sexy and not to just use a cliche word, but it's that s**t, it's that 1980s type feel."