Kanye West is being sued by the motorist who claims he was the victim of a car crash that left the hip-hop star with his jaw wired shut.

West has turned the 2002 incident into a smash-hit record, THROUGH THE Wire, while the other driver involved in the collision is struggling to pay off his medical bills.

Janitor MIGUEL VILLASANA broke his pelvis, legs and knees in the accident, and needed 16 screws to fix a shattered ankle, and now he wants full compensation, claiming West fell asleep at the wheel of his car.

The rapper initially told police he did fall asleep, but now insists he was cut off by the other motorist, adding, "I never told the police I fell asleep before the crash. I was knocked unconscious at the scene."

A legal spokesman for Villasana, who is asking West to pay his medical costs, has called West's change of story "unbelievable."

21/03/2004 20:24