Hip-hop star Kanye West was shocked to hear the Brit Awards had an Urban category, declaring no music can be generalised according to race.

The GOLD DIGGER hitmaker hates the term 'urban' - used to blanket the hip-hop and R+B categories - and believes music should be recognised as simply good or bad.

West says, "Why is there an urban category like it's different from regular mainstream? I make good music, but because I'm black it's seen as urban.

"Obviously there's different genres, but music should be compartmentalised. You either make good music or bad music.

"I'm making good black music, but it's for everyone. Like rap for example, everyone can take something from it."

The rapper praised Brit Award bosses for honouring him with the International Male Solo Artist gong, declaring, "I am the best international male. That's right."

Former talent show contestant Lemar was named British Urban Act at the London ceremony last night (15FEB06).