Kanye West has settled a copyright dispute with motorbike legend Evel Knievel after a private meeting at the stuntman's Florida home.

Knievel had sued the rapper and his record label last December, claiming the video for West's 2006 single Touch The Sky had tarnished Knievel's image, due to its "vulgar, sexual nature".

The MTV Video Music Awards-nominated video had seen West kissing Pamela Anderson before attempting to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle across a canyon.

The 69-year-old daredevil had claimed the promo - which seemed to parody Knievel's attempt to clear the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974 - had damaged his reputation through West's use of the name "Evel Kanyevel" to "promote his filth to the world".

But Knievel, whose real name is Robert Craig Knievel Jr, has reached an agreement with the Stronger star after meeting him in person.

"I thought he was a wonderful guy and quite a gentleman," he said.

"We settled the lawsuit amicably. I was very satisfied and so was he."

The terms of the settlement will not be discussed in public, he added.

West has struggled through recent concerts on his European tour following the death of his mother on November 10th, breaking down while performing the song Hey Mama at shows in both Paris and London.

"I know he's had some tough times the past few weeks, and I hope things work out," Knievel commented.

28/11/2007 14:56:45