Rapper Kanye West had a secret weapon behind his 2005 chart hits - he took poetry lessons to hone his rapping skills.

The usually cocksure JESUS WALKS hitmaker, who picked up three honours at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last night (08FEB06), admits he needed to fine tune his spoken word skills - and reached out for an expert to help him.

He reveals, "I had a poetry instructor... and I was like, `She is so much better than me at this. If I could apply this, I could be like a Bob Dylan, a Bob Marley, a Stevie Wonder, a Prince, a John Lennon."

And West is convinced his poetry lessons helped give 2005 megahit GOLD DIGGER a real kick.

He adds, "Gold Digger is straight poetry. I'd like to state this... Gold Digger is one of the biggest songs of our lifetime. It'll be there with IN DA CLUB (50 CENT) and WHEN DOVES CRY (PRINCE)."