Hip-hop star Kanye West has come to the aid of British pop star Lily Allen by offering to fly her back to the U.K. in his private jet after visa troubles have plagued her latest trip to the U.S. The unlikely pair have struck up a close friendship since teaming up to film rapper Common's new single Drivin' Me Wild. West heard the young singer was feeling down after problems with her U.S. working visa and so offered her first class treatment on his private jet which lands at the Harrods VIP entrance at London's Heathrow airport. An insider told British newspaper the Daily Star, "They've struck up a real bond since working on the Common album. Kanye was the person who introduced Common to Lily's music as he rates her so highly. When he heard Lily had been through a load of hassle about her working visa, Kanye wanted to cheer her up by giving her the chance to return to the U.K. in style."