Rapper Kanye West has had the last laugh in his battle to release his JESUS WALKS single without changing the lyrics - the song has earned him multiple GRAMMY AWARD nominations.

God-loving West, who notched up a pack-leading 10 Grammy nominations earlier this week (beg06DEC04), refused to let pals and so-called industry experts sway him from releasing the religious song, which is littered with expletives.

And though he knew he would upset both rap fans and religious leaders with the tune, the song turned out to be one of the year's (04) biggest hits.

The rapper says, "People go, 'It's the best song I ever heard but it'll never make it on radio,' and that frustrated me, so the second verse I wrote about how they say you can't say 'Jesus' on the radio.

"(They said), 'The word Jesus was like saying the word n**ger... It's gonna offend people for you to say Jesus.' That's what they were telling me. They said, 'You can rap about anything except for Jesus.'"

West was thrilled when the song became a hit, even though the mix of religious messages and four-letter words upset some.

He adds, "It's not for them. It's speaking to the people that I think God is really trying to reach."

10/12/2004 02:44