Last week, we learned that Kanye West has been bragging about girlfriend Kim Kardashian's sex tape on his latest album, with the lyric "eat breakfast at Gucci. My girl a superstar all from a home movie," on the track 'Cruel Summer.' Now, we could just about stomach that but we're not so sure about the latest rumor, courtesy of TMZ, that Kanye liked to watch the sex tape of Kim and her ex Ray J whilst he was getting jiggy with other ladies.
It's no secret that Kanye had a crush on Kim a long time before they actually hooked up with each other and apparently "multiple sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation" have told TMZ that Kanye used to enjoy watching the tape to "get him in the mood. and it always worked." We're filing this one under 'over-share.' The 'Cruel Summer' track isn't the first time that Kanye has been vocal about his love for Kim but he seems to be getting more and more crude as time goes on. After all, it was pretty sweet when he was serenading Kim at his concerts, as she watched from a balcony and he cooed "I admit it, I fell in love with Kim," to her.
More recently, though, he confessed that he'd written the track 'Perfect B*tch' about her. Just when he was doing such a good job of behaving like a gentleman, he goes and ruins it. After all - you'd hardly ask Interflora to make up a bunch of flowers and get them labeled up 'To My Perfect B*tch,' now, would you?