Just days after Blur played their new album, The Magic Whip, to select fans at a tiny London club, experts have predicted drummer Rowntree and his bandmates will join Foo Fighters and Kanye West at Europe's biggest festival.

But the rocker insists that's not the case, adding there's so few acts who can headline an event that big these days.

Asked for his opinion on the organisers' controversial decision to book rapper Kanye, he tells NME.com, "They always try to be a bit left-field, do the unexpected thing.

"I think there is a problem in that there aren't that many bands who can headline big festivals at the moment. The music industry's missing a middle roster, a middle section of artists who are big at the moment but have enough back catalogue to headline a big festival."

Blur, who last headlined Glastonbury in 2009, have joined Florence + the MAChine and Coldplay among the acts who have dismissed rumours of a headlining slot at the festival.