Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting thinks she is an ''unprofessional'' actress.

The 'Wedding Ringer' star has admitted that she and her co-stars, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, were constantly laughing on set and ruining the film's takes.

When asked who ruined the most takes, she said: ''No, I laughed a lot. Kevin laughs a lot actually. Josh and I laughed a lot too. We all were very unprofessional. We laughed all the time.

''But Kevin, he could be so funny; he would just go off on these tangents and because we all knew we weren't going to use it, we just started dying laughing. It was endless laughter; I just look at the poster and laugh.''

Despite admitting that she did cause a few takes to be redone, the 29-year-old actress quipped that her co-star was the worst.

She joked: ''I didn't really wanna put that out there, because I didn't want to offend Kevin, but he was terrible. Every take, laughing.

''There's probably actually an entire movie that will be released of just Kevin's bloopers, which is gold.''

Kaley also praised the film's director, Jeremy Garelick, admitting that he gave the cast the ''freedom'' to follow their instincts.

She continued to Collider: ''This script has been going around for a long time, it's had a lot of different titles. I've known Jeremy for a while but I've never worked with him so I was so excited to be able to work alongside him.

''He's just a cool director, he's a cool guy. He's a great writer - he's so funny. And I think he's relatable to actors; he doesn't feel like there's separation. He kind of gets in there with you. I mean, the freedom he lets you do whatever you feel you need to do. That was just so awesome.''