Last night's NME Awards went off in typically rock 'n' roll style, with the Kaiser Chiefs and Arctic Monkeys hurling abuse and various objects at each other.

Continuing some kind of inter-band rivalry, the two indie groups flared up when the Kaisers ended their set by making somewhat colourful hand signals at the Monkeys.

The Sheffield lads reacted angrily, hurling as much as they could at the Leeds group, according to the Sun. But the Arctics had the last laugh, scooping the Best Album for WHATEVER PEOPLE SAY I AM, THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT, as well as Best Music Video for SCUMMY MAN.

Meanwhile, wannabe hardman DONNY TOURETTE also seemed to have it in for the Arctic's frontman ALEX TURNER, admitting when he arrived he wanted to start a fight with the youngster.

But, despite sitting fairly close to each other, Donny appeared less than enthusiastic when push came to shove and decided not to bother.

Other rivalries included the stunning Kate Moss beating industrial-sized lesbian singer BETH DITTO for Sexiest Female, despite THE GOSSIP band member regularly slamming Kate for having no place at The Music awards.

02/03/2007 12:00:00