Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson enlisted veteran actor Bill Nighy to record a war poem for the band's new album.

The Love Actually star features on the new record, titled Education, Education, Education & War, reading a poem called The Occupation which was written by Wilson about the First World War.

Nighy says of the project, "I was intrigued by the concept and I admired the poem. And I dig those crazy rhythms," while Wilson adds, "When I was writing the lyrics for the record, the whole World War One centenary thing was flying around. So if you're writing honestly, it's going to leak in there. I wrote the poem as an exercise originally... I don't think any of us (in the band) could have recorded it. Bill's voice is perfect, it has a lysergic quality."

Bassist Simon Rix concedes that including a war poem on a rock album is a risky move, adding, "We wondered if we were allowed to do this on an album. We don't know if people are going to turn off. But it's powerful and it makes the album more than just a collection of songs."