Kaia Gerber is desperate to wear her mother Cindy Crawford's ''vintage pieces''.

The 16-year-old model - who made her Fashion Week debut earlier this year - has admitted she often ''raids'' her parent's closet, and she is waiting for a day she can don the 51-ear-old's iconic outfits.

Speaking to Teen Vogue, she said: ''I sometimes raid her vintage pieces which are really amazing. I'm going to pull those out one day. It's only a question of: can we do it? She's had such good moments.''

And the brunette beauty has revealed her mother has advised her not to ''get stressed'' by her career and gracing the catwalk for prestigious labels.

Asked about her mother's tips, she said: ''She just told me to be myself. That's important to be reminded of. She told me that if I take it day by day, then I won't get stressed. And also to appreciate it.''

Kaia has revealed she also receives words of wisdom from fellow model Karlie Kloss.

The fashion muse added: ''I met Karlie before I had even started modelling. She was so sweet and was always there for me. She's been through all this herself and she knows about it better than anyone. Having someone who has experienced it on your side and supporting you is really nice. The way she uses her platform for good is really inspiring for all young women.''

Kaia has admitted her education is ''technically'' what she does, and her modelling is simply something she enjoys doing in her ''free time''.

She said: ''I'm a junior in high school, so that's technically what I do. Modelling is really what I do during my free time. It's fun for me, so it doesn't feel like work. I choose to do it. It's definitely a lot of work, but because I appreciate them both so much, I don't let that get to me. It's what I want to be doing.''

However, Kaia has admitted it is ''not easy'' studying Advanced Placement courses.

Speaking about her education, she said: ''I did three hours of AP Calculus. It's not easy, but it's really interesting to me. I like math, which sounds really nerdy. I get to learn things through travelling, but I also get to learn cool things through school. So, I get both ends of it.''