Kacey Musgraves ''carbed out'' after awards season.

The country superstar has had a very busy few months with concerts and red carpet appearances, so as soon as she had some time off, she relished the chance to have a ''cheat day'' and ordered in all her favourite foods.

She said: ''After the Grammys and the Oscars carpet, then I had four shows at the Ryman in Nashville, which was really awesome hometown shows.

''And then I finally was like, I'm getting my damn cheat day. So I Postmated from bed, pizza and a burger at the same time, and then I ate that. And for dinner had some pasta. I like, carbed out and then [had] handfuls of gummy bears.''

The 30-year-old singer had a hugely successful Grammy awards, scooping four prizes including the prestigious Album of the Year for 'Golden Hour' but the 'Space Cowboy' singer isn't sure she has enough space in her ''really small'' house to display them all.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Well I'm gonna give one to my grandma, one to my mama. One on the hood of my car, you know, so everybody knows.

''I don't know. I have a really small house and I have very limited book space, but I do have a framed joint given to me by Willie Nelson. So, it seems like kind of a nice place to put it.''

The 'Rainbow' singer is very proud that 'Golden Hour' has received such a positive reception from fans.

She said: ''This album is very personal to me, and I just feel like the people who have connected with it have shown it so much love and so much positivity.

''It's just gone and done things I just really could've never dreamed of and it just makes me really happy. It represents a really beautiful time in my life, full of lots of change and I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. The music makes me feel good and I'm really happy that it made other people feel good.''