Kacey Musgraves is planning to take a break from music.

The 'Space Cowboy' singer - who is married to Ruston Kelly - is planning to ''live life'' for a while and go travelling ''for fun'' so she can find some inspiration for her next record.

She said: ''I need to fill up the song bank again. I'm going to travel for fun for once... I'm excited to fill the inspiration tank back up, because that always serves me right. Whenever I let myself pause [and] take a second, I benefit from that, and that's kinda what I need.

''I love being at home hanging out with my horse, hanging out with my husband, and that always gives me song ideas.''

The country star is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her loved ones but her plans are to be ''as low key as possible''.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It's different every year because we tour a lot. So we have to role with the flow, trade off families now that [we're] married...

''There's nothing fancy. It's all sweatpants, hanging out with dogs, eating just whatever I can fit in my mouth.''

The couple spent a lot of time apart because of their busy schedules but know it is important to ''make the effort'' to see one another when they can.

Kacey said: ''You have to respect each other, respect each other's space, and just make the effort.

''We're both independent, we both love what we do, but at the end of the day you just gotta both make the effort to come back together and it always benefits from that.''

And the country superstar joked her spouse is much ''nicer'' than she is.

She laughed: ''He's definitely nicer than me. Like, hands down, he's a nicer person than I am for sure.''