Robert Pattinson thinks his role in 'Remember Me' is "perfect".

The British actor loved taking a break from the 'Twilight' films and was thrilled to spend a couple of months working on the romantic drama movie - in which he portrays young rebel Tyler Hawkins, a man who calls in love with Ally Craig, played by Emilie de Ravin, under unusual circumstances.

He explained: "I looked at 'Remember Me' after the first 'Twilight' film, and met director Allen Coulter and producer Nick Osborne and really liked it, but never knew if anything was going to come of it. Then there was a gap of two months - but you never know if you can film anything in such a short period of time. But this didn't really need an enormous amount of prep work and I just thought it was perfect to fit in that segment."

After gaining millions of fans playing vampire Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight' movies, Robert jumped at the chance of finally portraying a "normal guy" on the big screen.

He told MTV News: "I'd never really played a normal guy before and it was just that - a really solid story and I'd never really done that."

'Remember Me' is due for release later this month.