Hip-hop star Juvenile has found the success of his single SLOW MOTION to be a bittersweet experience - because he can't celebrate it with late collaborator and pal Soulja Slim.

The single recently spent two weeks atop Billboard's Hot 100 charts, and features the vocals of Slim, who was shot and killed in November (03).

Juvenile says, "He made the song, not me. He gave me the song with the track and hook all ready. I was like, 'I'd rather it be on your album to help you out more.' 'Cause he didn't have a deal or nothing. But him getting killed, it kinda messed it up."

Juvenile included Slow Motion on JUVE THE GREAT but was not intending to release it as a single.

He explains, "We went and did BOUNCE BACK (instead), but the fanbase and DJs forced us to do it."

He adds, "I can feel what PUFF (DADDY) went through, what SUGE (KNIGHT) went through, the families (of Notorious BIG and Tupac), I can feel that better now that someone I was cool with in the game (was killed).

"We gotta wake up. We gotta separate business and the streets from our music. Either you gonna rap or you gonna do the streets. You can't do both or eventually someone gonna lose their life."

01/09/2004 09:03