Rapper Juvenile's son was arrested in Florida on Wednesday (31Oct12) after allegedly assaulting a couple outside a Halloween party.

Young Juve was celebrating the spooky holiday with his pals in Orlando when a young man and woman allegedly disrespected his mother and sister, prompting the hip-hop star's son to jump in and protect his family.

According to video footage of the incident, obtained by GlobalGrind.com, Juvenile tried to convince the boy to walk away, but to no avail and Young Juve was later taken into custody by police.

Explaining the incident in a post on Twitter.com, he writes, "Threw a party, Had a fight, Got arrested and Got a ticket.... My night".

He also defended his decision to use violence to settle the dispute, adding, "N**ga hit my moms and my sister and got his a** beat end of the story Family first f**k all lat (sic) other s**t".

The arrest means both father and son are currently facing legal issues - the Slow Motion hitmaker was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct in August (12) after he was allegedly embroiled in a scuffle outside a Miami nightclub.