Justin Timberlake's reported former girlfriends Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson have become unlikely friends after being spotted shopping together in Paris, France recently. The two one-time love rivals chatted and joked as they roamed the French capital's top boutiques. US media reports in January and February (07) suggested Timberlake was romancing both the actresses at the same time. Johansson enjoyed a steamy romp with the pop superstar in his WHAT GOES... COMES AROUND video and turned up at Timberlake's side at a handful of parties. Meanwhile THE ILLUSIONIST star Biel joined the singer at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah after flirting with him at a Hollywood Hills party in January (07) shortly after he split from longtime girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Both actresses have since moved on - Biel has recently been romantically linked to her BLADE: TRINITY co-star Ryan Reynolds, while Johansson recently revealed she's on the look out for "a tall, dark, handsome Brit with piercing blue eyes and a cut-glass London accent".