Justin Timberlake poked more fun at ex-girlfriend Britney Spears by singing one of her hits dressed up as a omelette when he hosted America's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend (11OCT03).

The ROCK YOUR BODY star played a mascot for fictional diner Omeletteville in the comedy skit, in which he attempted to outdo a rival with egg-related versions of big hits.

But there was no egg reference when Timberlake sang his ex's song SLAVE 4 U - he just thought it would be funny to sing the hit dressed up in a costume.

Timberlake showed off his comedy skills elsewhere in the satirical sketch show by dressing up as both pop pin-up JESSICA SIMPSON - who currently stars in her own reality TV show in America - and Michael Bolton in a sketch where the crooner appeared on the SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW and had to sing a ballad to her pet dog MINNIE.

And the singer wrapped up his stint as host by performing a duet with his childhood hero KERMIT THE FROG - a skit which turned nasty when Timberlake took offence to the puppet's handler, played by SNL regular Will Forte, and beat him up.

Timberlake admits he enjoyed the chance to show off his comedy talents, and now hopes filmmakers will use him for their projects.

He says, "I had a blast and hopefully someone will see this and give me a job."

Meanwhile, Britney will get the chance to get her own back on her ex - she's performing on the show this coming Saturday (18OCT03).

13/10/2003 09:09